Nov,Dec 2007, Jan, Feb 2008

Legs Toward Titles :

  • Ardenwood Gustav As A Wayfarer – “Gustav”- Black Flat Coat Male – O/H: David Kunkle


Gustav” and David took a trip to Southern California November 11th, 2007. Entered in their very first Hunt Test. The GRCGLA Hunt Test proved to be a challenging test for the Junior dogs and Handlers. However, Gustav and David took it all in stride and came home with their first leg toward their JH title having shown they can play team. Handling their way to Victory on the tough water mark that had put several young dogs out they came home with their well earned ribbon!! David and Gustav earned their 2nd JH leg at the Monterey Bay Hunt Test held on February 16th. Two tests, Two legs. Way to Go!

  • CH. MACH Shasta Action Item CD,TD,RA, OF – “Memo” – Black Flat Coat Female – O/H: Barbara Fowler


“Memo” and Barbara earned their first JH leg in fine style at the Monterey Bay Hunt Test 2/16/2007. Memo was a very good girl. Both Barbara and Memo have come a long way and I am glad they are enjoying their journey into field together.

  • CH. Bertshire Black Rhian – “Sophie” – Black Flat Coat Female – O/H: Harvey Riggs

“Sophie” and Harvey have been working hard in training and it is all coming together now. How exciting for them both to come home with their First Junior Hunter Ribbon and know they are now on their way to a JH Title. Earned at the Monterey Bay Hunt Test 2/16/2007. Congratulations to you Both!!!

  • CH. Topwater Cinderhill Grace – “Grace” Yellow Labrador Female- O/H: Jeanne Collier

gracie.jpgGrace and Jeanne have been picking up JH ribbons from Arizona and California in the last month. Totalling now to 3 JH Ribbons out the 3 tests run. Way to Go!! You girls are on a roll! Grace has conveniently come in to heat just before the next Hunt Test…

You know how these girls can be!!

  • Trumpet’s Ultimate Caddis CGC – “Rainbow” – Golden Female – O/H: Charlotte Gaynor

0028-01-241_500x400.jpg“Rainbow” and Charlotte had a great day at the Monterey Bay Hunt Test and enjoyed their spoils of a Qualifying ribbon and their first JH leg together. We have only just begun! “Rainbow” is showing her stuff at tests and it is a pleasure to see all their hard work in training paying off!! Congratulations.

  • Chi Luke of Copperidge – “Luke” – Golden Retriever Male -O/H: Alan Kabert

    luke11month.jpg“Luke” qualified for his first JH leg first time out at the Monterey Bay Hunt Test.

    He is a very stylish young dog and both he and Alan have worked hard in training to accomplish their goals.

    Huge Congrats to both of you!

  • RedRock’s Venture With Me CDX, RE, NA – “Venture” Novia Scotia Tolling Retriever – O/H: Linda Tarby

vent-and-duckn.jpg“Venture” and Linda passed their first JH test their first time out!! This is outstanding. They have both been working hard toward this and it is a pleasure to see all of their work being rewarded. “Venture” has truly taught me a lot about his breed. Proving unconventional techniques have a place in the field work with many of our retriever breeds. Thank You both for working with me. I am very happy for you!!!

  • Topwater Under His wings JH – “Shad” – Black labrador Female – O/H: Jeanne Collier

shadow.jpg“Shad” earned her first Senior Hunter leg in Arizona several weeks agao at the Copper State Hunt Test. She has not even turned two and is already moving forward in to Senior. Congratulations to you both!


  • Topwater Hidden Covenant SH – “Covy” – Yellow Labrador Female – O/H: Jeanne Collier

coveywalkup.jpggrace.jpg“Covy” earned 2 SH legs to complete her SH title at the Copper State Hunt Test In Arizona. It was a very happy moment for Jeanne finishing “Covy’s” title. As now “Covy” has turned the page in her life and become a lifelong Hunting Companion to one of Jeanne’s close friends. What more could a girl ask for! A lifetime of hunting!!

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