Litters And Planned Breedings

LITTERS – 2019


Ryman X TaTa Puppies Due mid July, 2019


Fern Hill Sunrise at the Ryman MH,WCX aka Ryman

Ryman is an exceptional dog and a true marking machine! He has thrown that in his puppies. He has several multi talented offspring in obedience, field and tracking! He has qualified for both the Master National and Master Amateur multiple times and is a very consistent performer. Owner trained and Handled to all his titles!  Having worked with Ryman since his arrival from Tennessee when he was just a pup I have seen and been a part of watching him develop. Intelligient, biddable, birdy, watery, are all part of his trademark! Folks who watch him run are in awe of his speed and style! His daughter pictured on the right picture (Left dog) is also a Master Hunter. There’s nothing like watching a Father and Daughter team looking amazing at tests! Ryman’s a gentle spirit at home and a very loving dog. As is his daughter Angel! But, when it comes to work. He’s all business! He has a Big Engine and a Big Heart! His pedigree is chock full of the Field Great’s! Speaker, and Drake to name but a few! Ryman is cnl5 Clear! 


_MG_0087 V2
Ryman in actioin Photo by Bernadette Talbot


Magicgold’s Abra Abracabra MH,WCX aka. TaTa

Magicgold’s Abra Abracadabra MH, WCX aka ‘TATA’ will be bred Mid May, 2019 to an Fern Hill Sunrise at the Ryman MH,WCX.

The link to the combined pedigree of this litter is all health clearances are listed there. We have found the perfect match!  TaTa is a hard running, pinpoint marker. She is a very birdy girl and has crashing water entries. We are continuing her career in Master and do plan to try a few Field Trial Quals in 2019. TaTa has a BIG ENGINE and tons of courage! We expect puppies from this line to be amazing Hunting, Hunt Test, Field Trial and Wonderful Companion Dogs. She is a very loving dog and at home settles nicely in the house, my bed and enjoys a good cuddle.  She has the On/Off switch I love. Get’s along well with others! Ryman’s description and picture’s are listed above. This should be a nice litter! I do have several people on the waiting list so please email me as soon as possible to get more information and see if this litter is for you!  


Punch x Roca Puppies Due Mid July, 2019


Magicgold’s Rock A Doodle Doo MH,WCX,CCA aka ‘Roca’ will be bred mid May to AGCH,MACH3,Emberain Red Rum Punch JH,MXC, MJB2, MFG, TQX,T2B5,PDS, PJS, WCX, CCA,ADHF the link to the combined pedigree is

This is a repeat breeding and the puppies from the previous breeding are doing extremely well.  Roca is a great marking and handling dog. She is a beautiful girl and well structured. Her whole litter has multiple titles in all venues. She is a nice birdy girl and has produce some great field and obedience competitors in her previous breedings. She is a very sweet and loving dog and aims to please! Punch is a wonderful male who has all the attributes you would want in a Golden Retriever. Both dogs are focused and intense at work. When home they are wonderful companions. 

Waiting Lists for puppies from both the girls are in place. If you would like more information, or would like to be on the waiting list for either of these Spring breeding’s due to go home late August early September please contact me at