Aug/Sept/Oct, 2007


  • Spiritlodge Sporting Chance JH, WC – “Sport” – O/H: Christine Hsu – Golden Female

“Sport” went to the National Specialty and qualified for her WC title amongst other things. She also placed First in Novice Bitch in Conformation. Along with qualifying as a Triathalon Golden based on the GRCA’s requirements. WOW!!! Way to GO Sporty!!!! Congrats to You!

  • Trumpet’s Elk Hair Caddis JH – “Radcliffe” – CoOwner/H: Charlotte Gaynor – Golden Retriever Male

“Radcliffe” completed his Junior Hunter title at the Sacramento Valley Retriever Club Test held 9/28/2007. For those of us who know “Radcliffe” there isn’t a sweeter person in hairy clothing to come by. He also enjoys his birds very much. Which has helped him through his tests despite very limited amount of training. Bred by Charlotte and co-owned “Radcliffe” has a very nice family who borrowed him to Charlotte to train whenever possible,to reach this goal of JH. Radcliffe intends to enjoy lots of R & R now with his family. Congratulations to you Both!!

  • Rockyhill’s Roc’s Red Glare JH – “FireTruck” – O/H: Xan Latta – Liver Flat Coat Male

“Firetruck” roared out like his name implies and picked up his JH Title like a “Man On A Mission”. Travelling from the Sierra Nevadas, to Oroville and Southern California along the way. Titling in Southern Cal at the Inland Valley Retriever Club test 9/22/2007. With limited training while studying for the Bar Exam they still managed to squeeze in time to pick up those four orange ribbons. Xan has much to be happy about. “Firetruck” is proving to be all that she has hoped for. Their next goal is Senior Hunter and already working on handling basics and multiples is going very nicely. Congratulations!!!!

  • Ch. Rockyhill’s Western Wishes JH – “Leila”- O/H: Xan Latta – Black Flat Coat Female

“Leila” the speed demon, raced through her JH Title with style and attitude to die for. Finishing at the Inland Valley Retriever Club HT on 9/22/2007. This little black flat coat bitch has surpassed all expectations in her ability to mark and learn new things. Always in tune with working with Xan. They are planning to go on into Senior Hunter. “Leila” shows great promise, already doing multiples, and basic handling nicely, she is a very fun girl to work with. Good Job!!!

  • Int. CH Hyegold Midsumr Knights Dream, CDX,TDX,RE,JH,WC,VCX – “Finn” – O/h: Suzanne Bria – Golden Retriever Male

“Finn” completed his JH Title at the NorCal Golden Retriever Club Hunt Test 9/8/2007. How very fitting he finished his title at our Club’s Annual Hunt Test! In addition, “Finn” also passed his WC at the National Specialty (he is now a double qualifier of the WC Title!). “Finn” came to me some time ago. He showed he was able to mark very well, (although we had two types of marking “Finn” showed me he enjoyed, one of which, we made every effort to train him away froM!!!), and he loved the water. “Finn” has a high trainability factor that helps him to do anything he is asked to do once he understands what it is you want. He has been a very fun dog to work with because of this. Suzanne on the other hand (as do many of us) had some issues with trainability that I had to overcome. However, safe to say, Suzanne has come a long way in a short amount of time in field with “Finn”. Her handling skills have improved 100%. I do hope they will choose to go on. Congratulations to you both!!!

  • Ch. Starworker’s Dealer’s Choice JH – “Casino”- O: Keli and David Martin H:David Martin – Black Flat Coat Male

“Casino” qualified for his fourth Junior Hunter leg at the Sac Valley Hunt Test on September 28th. I know both Keli and David are very happy “Casino” finished his JH. Congratualtions To You Both!!!

  • Windfall’s Not From Texas JH – “Julia” -O: Keli Martin and Mary Young H:Keli Martin- Black Flat Coat Female

“Julia” finished her Junior Hunter title at the Sac Valley HT on 9/28/2007. She picked up her 3rd leg at the NorCal Retriever Club Hunt Test on 9/8/2007. This young dog is booming them out! Congratulations to you!

  • Blue Ribbon Adventure Shuttle SH,WCX ** “Shuttle” – O/H: Diane Glassmeyer – Golden Retriever Female

Not even two years old and “Shuttle” has earned her Senior Hunter title! Finishing her title at the Sacramento Valley Retriever Club HT on 9/29/2007. Having just returned from the National Specialty where she earned her WC and WCX titles she left no stone unturned in completing her SH very nicely. Hunting Season starts on Oct. 20th and Diane and “Shuttle” have big plans to go Hunting! I am sure they will be both have a wonderful time! Congratulations to you Both! You are certainly an amazing pair!!!! hope to see you in Master in Spring!

  • SR. Magicgold’s Celtic Causeway SH,WCX,** – “Keltie” – O/H: Cheryl Baca – Golden Retriever Female

“Keltie” completed her Senior Hunter title at the NorCal GRC HT. She did a nice job and I was very proud of her. I put “Keltie” in her first Master Hunter test at Sac Valley Retriever Club test on 9/28/2007 and she got her first Master Hunter leg. She was a very good girl! We will continue to train toward Master and Qualifying field Trials…

  • Sunbeam’s Leap Of Faith SH,WCX – “Flyer” O/H: Jean Mott – Golden Retriever Female

“Flyer” Completed her Senior Hunter Title at the Sagehen’s Hunt Test held on 10/6/2007. “Flyer” did some very nice work on her 5th leg for Senior. Slamming her marks and handling beautifully through her blinds. “Flyer” has been on the rampage picking up her 3rd SH leg at NorCal HT and her 4th leg at Sac Valley HT in September.Congratulations to you both. See you in Master soon!!!

  • Magicgold’s Galloping Gabby SH,WCX ** – “Gabby” – O/H: Cheryl Baca-Golden Retriever Female

“Gabby” galloped through her last three legs of Senior without too much trouble. She did have her moments tho!!! Where I had to just realize this is “Gabby” and that’s the way it is! Earning her title at the Sagehens HT. Picking up the 2nd and 3rd legs at the Nor Cal Ht and Sac Valley. Now on to Master and Quals!!

Legs Towards Titles etc…

  • Shyan’s Sunsuite Gaelic Dance UD,SH,AX,AXJ,WCX – “Musette” – O/H: Debbie Tandoc – Golden Retriever Female

“Musette” earned her first Master Hunter leg at the NorCal GRC Hunt Test 9/8/2007. It was a challenging test and “Musette” and Debbie played good team work throughout. Hearty Congratulations to you Both!!! “Musette” is currently working in obedience but will be coming back to finish her Master in due time.

  • Topwater Hidden Covenant JH – “Covy” – O/H: Jeanne Collier – Yellow Labrador

“Covey” picked up her first Senior Hunter leg at the Sagehen’s Retriever Club Test 10/6/2007. She and Jeanne did a beautiful job on the marks and blinds alike. Yippee!!!! Good Job!

  • Coarsegold’s Flaming Red Zinger CD,MH,WCX – “Zinger” – O/H: Jean Mott – Golden Retriever Female

“Zinger” was happy to be out running Master tests after sending her children off to thier new homes. Proving she still has what it takes she has passed both Master tests she has been entered in. NorCal and Sac Valley were very succesfull for her and Jean. Welcome Back Zinger!!!

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