Training Rates Effective January 1, 2019

  • Privates : $55.00 per hour or $28 per 1/2 hour.
  • Evaluations:  $85.00 (Prerequisite to joining groups or private sessions)
  • Weekday Groups:  $27.00 a dog when owner provides 2 dead ducks per dog.
  • Weekday Groups: $30.00 when owner doesn’t provide dead ducks at groups. Contact Whistling Wings to order your birds online, or find a local supplier.
  • Live birds and shot flyer days are at additional cost and limited.

 Training Packages:

  • Multi Dog packages for 3 Dogs – One 1 hour (shared amongst the 3 dogs) Private lesson and 1 group = $120.00 (You save $16.00 weekly)
  • Multi-Dog Packages for 2 Dogs – One 1 hour (shared amongst the 2 dogs) Private Lesson and 1 group = $97.00 (You save $12.00 weekly)

All discounted packages are to be agreed with by me in advance by email. With a duration of 4 weeks at least.  Prices subject to change.


Cancellation Policy

If you need to cancel your PRIVATE LESSON or EVALUATION 1 WEEK NOTICE IS REQUIRED.  Cancellations with less than one weeks’ notice (unless it is determined there is an Emergency Situation) will be CHARGED THE FULL AMOUNT OF THE SCHEDULED LESSON . Last minute cancellations are extremely difficult to fill and often leave gaps in the schedule which impact other clients.

Please note

  • Locations and times listed may be changed limited notice due to weather conditions, or maintenance at the properties. I would appreciate you confirming your training a minimum of one day in advance, so that I can inform you of any location or site changes.
  • All communication for ancillary training days, e.g. Warren Wednesday Training Days, should be made through me. Please do not independently email Alice or Laura about attending Warren Wednesday Training Days as the prerequisites for attendance are directly linked to my feedback to Laura and Alice and they will not respond until I give them feedback on the dog/handler team.
  • Please note I am dedicated to recognizing the needs of each team I work with. Introducing a new or complicated skill requires specific steps or repetitions.  It may be, on occasion, that I have a breakthrough with a particular dog at the end of their lesson and run a few minutes over.  I am cognizant and respectful of your time, and ask that you recognize these are rare occasions and ask that you wait patiently while I complete that activity.

Training Calendar


**I may or may not be able to do PM’s for groups the week of May 6th. I have a family coming to visit May 4th and it looks very promising. So things could be adjusted depending on that and then when puppy gets picked up.**  

Monday – 5/6/19 – Denverton

  • 9-10am – Grant Newman – Eval (I booked T1 until 10:30am)
  • 10:30am – 11:30am – Doug and Jack (at the park)
  • 1pm – Ms. Powder Blue pick up.
  • 2:40pm – Vet Appointment

Tuesday – 5/7/19 – Denverton

  • 9-1pm – Handling Drills (I booked T2 AM) if you’d like to join me please email me. Only dogs who truly handle please. ie. sit on whistle and cast on land and water.

Wednesday – 5/8/19 – Denverton

  • 9-1pm – Group (Please book AM and copy group)

Thursday – 5/9/19 – Denverton

  • 9-11am – Harvey and Pam
  • 11-1pm – Handling Drills. RSVP me by email if interested please

Friday – 5/10/19 – Denverton

  • 9-1pm – Group (I booked T2 AM)

Monday – 5/13/19 – Denverton

  • 9-10am – Erica (Please book AM water, bring Live pigeon please)
  • 10-1pm – Pat and Me

Tuesday – 5/14/19- Denverton

**** Warren Day **** Start Time TBD Later in the Week. Cost $45.00 for up to two dogs. Bring 2 dead defrosted ducks. Pot Luck. RSVP ME BY EMAIL NO LATER THAN FRIDAY, MAY 10TH PLEASE – (Pat book water AM please) 

Wednesday – 5/15/19 – Denverton

  • 9-10am – Barb and Cheryl (Please book AM water)
  • 10am – Group

Thursday – 5/16/19 – Denverton

  • 8-10am – Pam and Harvey
  • 10am – 1pm – Jean and me

Friday – 5/17/19 – Denverton

  • 8-9am – Ardith and Shelby? (Please book AM water)
  • 9am – Group

Monday – 5/20/19 – Denverton

  • 9-10am – Erica and Poppy
  • 10-1pm – Me and Pat (Please book AM water

Tuesday – 5/21/19 – Denverton

  • 9-1pm – Cathy (Please book AM)and Me

Wednesday – 5/22/19 – Denverton

  • 9-10am – Cheryl and Barb (Please book)
  • 10am – Group

Thursday – 5/23/19 – Denverton

  • 8-10am – Harvey and Pam (Please book AM)
  • 10-1pm – Jean and Me

Friday – 5/24/19 – Denverton

  • 9am – Group (Someone please book and copy Group)

Monday – 5/27/19 – Denverton

  • 9-10am – Erica and Poppy (Please book AM)
  • 10-1pm – Pat and Me

Tuesday – 5/28/19 – Denverton

  • 9-1pm – Cathy (Please Book)and Me

Wednesday – 5/29/19 – Denverton

  • 9-10am – Cheryl and Barb (Please Book)
  • 10am – Group

Thursday – 5/30/19 – Denverton

  • 8-10am – Harvey and Pam
  • 10-1pm – Jean and Me

Friday – 5/31/19 – Denverton

  • 9am – Group (Someone please book and copy group)











4 thoughts on “Calendar

  1. Beautiful site.

    There’s a reference to “insert directions here” in the section for directions to Ornbauns. Then nothing’s inserted.

    Yours in copyediting, Alice

  2. Very Nice Website. I thoroughly enjoyed reading about all the wonderful events. Kudo’s Cheryl for sticking it out and making it work.
    God Bless You and all the Magicgold accomplishments.
    Your Friend,Marilynn

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