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It has always been my intent to help the Amateur teach and train their dog for Field work.  I am not a huge fan of kenneling dogs to train them for months on end. I feel the dog and owner miss out on the special bond developed when working together as a team.

However, on occasion, an Owner due to health, work obligations, vacations and other situations is unable to provide the much-needed work to advance their dog’s training. Which made me decide to offer Boarding and Training services during these times.

I offer a Home away From Home environment for a limited number of dogs. I have two fenced in, secure dog areas, with exercise yards. I have 3 good-sized kennel runs with plenty of shade. In addition, I allow dogs in the house at night, or in the day should the weather be inclement. Each individual dog will be worked according to their level of training, and what the owner and I determines is going to be most beneficial to the dog. In some cases that may be group training with marking concepts in mind. In other cases it may be one on one with areas such as, Obedience, Force Fetching the dog, or teaching the dog handling, de-cheating, bird work etc. I will give the owner text reports on the progress of the dog with instructions when needed on how to address training their dog at home. This program is designed to be a weekly or a longer arrangement as dropping a dog off for a few days, once in a while,  is not going to improve his performance. I need time to build the necessary relationship to work with them, as well as teach new skills. I encourage dogs to go home on weekends so the owner can work with them to.

I also offer Handler Services to run dogs at tests in all levels from Junior through Master through out the year if I am scheduled to attend the test. If you need me to handle your dog at an event the dog must either be in a Board and Train program currently with me. Or have a period of time in Board and Train to build a relationship and work with me. Due to limited space in the Board and Train program and my Van, booking ahead of time is highly recommended. Long Term regular Board and Train dogs will be given first priority.


The requirements for a dog to stay with me are as follows:

1. Dog must be up to date on shots, and Bordatella. Owner to provide proof at time of initial drop off.

2. Dog must not be aggressive with other dogs or people.

3. Owner will provide Dog Food, leash, e-collar,  bowls, blankets, toys and bark collar where needed.

4. Owner will sign waiver.

5. Owner will sign up and pay for all AKC Hunt Test Entries – Listing myself as alternate Handler

6. Board and Train Fees are due in advance.

7. Drop off and Pick up times need to be confirmed upon commencement of stay.


Current Fees:

Boarding Only = $30 per night

Board and Train Weekly – Drop off Sunday between 4-7pm – Pick up Friday 5-7pm = $200.00 weekly (additional fees apply for weekend boarding and must be arranged in advance – on occasion I am not available to board on weekends during test season when I am campaigning dogs ).

Board and Train Daily = $50 per day ( minimum 4 week days and available on a limited basis as the ideal is weekly Sunday through Friday, and my weekly board and train dogs will take precedent over a daily board and train )

Warren Monthly Training Day is available to a limited number of dogs who are in Board and Train with me. The normal daily Board and Train fee applies to this once a month training day. In some cases I may or may not recommend your dog attend depending on his/her training level and space available. There is an additional fee of $45.00 made payable to Warren Grimsby. Warren training days are annotated on the calendar and I will determine if this class is appropriate for your dog.

Handler Fees For Working Certificates, Junior and Senior Dogs (1 day tests) = $40 per Test.

Handler Fees For Master ( 2 day tests) = $40.00 per day

Travel expenses will be determined on an individual basis. Please contact me for more information.

Please contact me by email or Telephone – 707-429-2456 to confirm availability or more information.


One thought on “Boarding and Training Services

  1. Fantastic service. I did this with my dog Tux when I had surgery. At that time Cheryl fine tuned some things with him that I needed done and exposed him to more blinds. Group marks improved from singles to doubles on a consistent basis. I would do this again without any hesitation. Pat Romeiro

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