Wondering how to train your own retriever for hunt tests and working certificates? Want to learn field training right along with your dog instead of “sending it away to a pro”? Wondering where to find the land, water, game birds, and, most importantly, the KNOWLEDGE to develop your retriever’s natural ability into a well trained field performer?

I can train you and your dog in weekly private lessons and group training sessions. Field lessons are held in several locations offering ample land and water and allowing use of gunfire and birds, all convenient to the Bay Area.

My Training Philosophy— I don’t have a program that each dog and person has to fit, unlike the majority of Field Professionals who have a fixed program they use for all dogs. I believe you can lose some dogs in the process when trying to fit all dogs into the same program. My goal is to allow the dog and handler to go at their own pace, and be flexible with both. There are logical steps to training a dog in field work, but during the process I feel it is most important that the dog and owner become a team together. I want them to be participating, learning and enjoying the journey as much as possible. I am more interested in getting the best out of the dog, and if necessary can get fairly creative with methods that will get a dog and owner through difficulties. I want the dogs and people to have fun while they learn, then start entering Hunt Tests and enjoy the camraderie and game as I do.

Services offered:

  • Evaluation session (prerequisite for further training) – $80  (plus any applicable grounds rental fee)
  • Private lessons – $50.00 per hour (plus any applicable grounds rental fee)
  • Semi-Private and Groups less than 8 dogs $50.00 Per hour (plus any grounds rental fee). 
  • Live shot flier days additional fees apply.
  • Live Shackled Ducks and Live Shackled Pigeons available for a fee upon request.Dead Ducks provided upon request at $5.00 a training session, minmum 2 ducks per dog per session. E-mail to request birds in advance, at least 24 hour notice.

For more information or to schedule a lesson, please contact Cheryl at or call (707) 429-2456 .