2018 – A Great Year!


Magicgold’s Rock a Doodle Doo MH16,WCX – Golden Retriever – O/H: Cheryl Baca 

Roca passed 4 Master Hunter tests in 2018. Making her Total Master Passes 16! She’s a great marker and handling dog! Good Girl Roca! Roca plans to try for puppies mid April and continue collecting Master passes!



Magicgold’s Exceeding the Limit JH – Golden Retriever – O/H: Cheryl Baca

Dashi has been a busy girl earning 3 Senior Hunter Legs toward her title. She is currently working on Master training and plans to finish her Senior Hunter in 2019. Along with moving into the Master Stakes.

Magicgold’s Abra Abracabra MH,WCX aka. TaTa

Magicgold’s Abra Abracadbra MH, WCX – Golden Retriever – O/H: Cheryl Baca

TaTa finished her Master Hunter title at the Sagehen’s Retriever Club Hunt Test September 22nd, 2018. She is a very fun dog with a very Big Engine! She will be working on more Master legs in 2019 and possibly some Quals! Along with a planned breeding mid-April.

Picture Coming Soon!

Shasta’s Nugget of Marble Mountain – Chocolate Labrador – O/H: Brad Camp

Shasta Earned her Junior Hunter Title October 14th, 2018 at the Marin Retriever Club Hunt Test. Brad worked with Cheryl through her Day Student Program to prepare himself and Shasta for the Hunt Tests. He and Shasta are continuing to work with Cheryl on preparing for Senior Hunter in 2019. The work Brad and Cheryl did with Shasta has also paid off in the Pheasant Hunting Fields for the 2018-2019 pheasant season. Shasta is an excellent marker and a very fast dog!



Flyway Farm Myah Kinda Girl JH – Flatcoat Retriever – Owner – Gail Crawford/Handlers – Cheryl Baca and Gail Crawford

Myah (pictured here having some R & R at her Winter Retreat) Earned her Junior Hunter Title on April 27th, 2018 at the Marin Retriever Club Hunt Test. Cheryl handled her to her Title, although Gail also handled her for her 3rd Junior Hunter leg. Myah’s title is the result of a combined day training program with Cheryl working with both Gail and Myah and some Board and Train with Cheryl for polishing up. Myah is a fast and a great marker ! A very sweet, and rambunctious Girlie! We are all working toward Senior Hunter in 2019.


CH Wind Dancer’s Fortune Hunter SH, WCX – Flat Coat Retriever – Owner – Kerry Forni, Handler – Cheryl Baca

Rowdy earned his first Master Hunter Leg at the NorCal GRC Hunt Test March 17th, 2018. Cheryl has had Rowdy in her Board and Train program for some time. Cheryl has trained and run Rowdy to his Senior Hunter, WCX Title and his Master pass. He is currently on leave for a planned breeding. We hope to see him back running again in 2019!




2017 – The Fun We Had! The Accomplishments were Many!



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