Accomplishments 2016 -2017

Sagehens Hunt Test – September 2017

Congratulations to the following handler dog teams who ran at the Sagehens Hunt Test.


Master Hunter:

  • Angel – Jean Mott – MH Pass – Running 2017 Master National, collecting legs for the 2018 National
  • Jade – Suzanne Mikolaicik – MH Pass – Running 2017 Master National, collecting legs for the 2018 National
  • Millie – Walk Mikolaicik – MH Pass – Running 2017 Master National, collecting legs for the 2018 National
  • Ryman – Ardith Osborne – MH Pass – Collecting legs for the 2018 National


Senior Hunter:

  • Nico – Bruce Hayes – Leg #3
  • Marshall – Russell Hubbard – Leg #3 – Handled by Cheryl Baca
  • Vixen – Xan Latta – Leg #3 – Handled by Cheryl Baca


Junior Hunter:

  • Hya – Barbara Fowler – Leg #1
  • Shadow – Harvey Riggs – Leg #2 – Handled by Cheryl Baca
  • Violet – Bruce Hayes – Junior Hunter Title!!!
So proud of all of you.  Thank you for allowing me to work with you and your dogs.


Prior Accomplishments



NorCal GRC Spring, 2016 WC/WCX Test. Held at Denverton Road, CRTA property, Suisun City, CA. Cheryl and her Clients and their dogs all had a Great Day!!! Congratulations to All. You made me very proud!


Favor Finishes her Junior Hunter and WC Title!!!!

BIS GCH Almanza The Bitch is Back JH, WC had a wonderful time travelling through California and Oregon early 2017,  picked up ribbons for her field and conformation work and has accomplished all she set out to do! She loves the field work and Kerry is planning on continuing forward in to Senior. Congratulations to you both!

Sire: Alma Flats Ain’t I’m A Dog

Dam: Ginger Cake Black Pepper Mystery

Owner/Handler: Kerry Forni








Hazy finishes Senior Hunter Title, WCX Title and WC Title

Magicgold’s Red Sky at Morning SH, WCX, RATN, CGCU aka: Hazy has been very busy earning loads of titles in 2016- 2017 and having a great time doing it! A very hard running stylish girl in field. Currently working toward Master Hunter

Sire: Fernhill’s Sunrise at the Ryman MH, WCX

Dam: Magicgold’s Celtic Causeway **, MH, WCX, CCA, OD

Owner/Handler: Cathy Colley


2016 05 08_1408 (2)

Belle earns Junior Hunter Title and WC Title!!!!

Topbrass Bravhart Let Freedom Ring JH, WC aka: Belle earned her Junior Hunter Title in 2016 and her WC. Carol and Belle worked tirelessly with Cheryl to attain the titles and we look forward to seeing her in Senior soon!

Sire: FC AFC Emberain Beau Geste OS FDHF

Dam: Topbrass Rockets Red Glare

Owner/Handler: Carol Millette-Snodgrass





Dashi earns her Junior Hunter Title!!!!!!

Magicgold’s Exceeding the Limit JH aka: Dashi earned her Junior Hunter title April 2nd, 2017 at the Marin RC Spring Test. At under a year old that’s awesome! Her marking was terrific and deliveries were great! Looking forward to seeing her in Senior come the Spring.

Sire: Riverduck’s Gimme A Pass **, MH, WCX

Dam: Magicgold’s Rock A Doodle Doo MH, WCX, CCA

Owner/Handler; Cheryl Baca




2016 05 08_1411 (2)

Marshall earns WCI Title, and 2 Senior Hunter legs!!!!!

Kd’s Marshal Hunts Rain or Shine JH, WCI aka: Marshal earned his WCX title in April, 2016 at the NorCal GRC WC/WCX tests. Russell ran him in this test and Marshall worked well for his Dad. In addition, Marshall earned 2 Senior Hunter legs at the NorCal HT in April, 2017 and at the Redwood Empire HT in August, 2017. Marshall spends his week days with Cheryl in her board and train program. But, Marshall is a hunting dog and he and Russell are avid duck hunters so he goes home during hunting season..

Sire: Dragon Flames Time to Shine

Dam: Gad’s Special Treasure at KD’s

Owner: Russell Hubbard

Handler: Russell Hubbard/Cheryl Baca




2016 02 29_1316 (2)


Coastalight LivnLife 2 The Max WC, TKN, SH aka: Zest earned her Senior Hunter Title at the Hill Ferry HT in February, 2016. Zest is Cathy’s first Senior Hunter to train and handle. Zest and Cathy worked hard to earn their title and showed they are a great team. We expect to hear more as they are now working toward a Master Hunter Title. Congratulations to you both!

Sire: Itzawhat’s Maxed Out

Dam: Coastalight Island Treasure

Handler: Cathy Lynch



GCH. Kistryl Kid Vixen JH, WCX aka “Vixen” got Senior Hunter legs at the Flat Coated Retriever Clubs National Specialty in June, 2016. Along with receiving recognition at the Singles Series by receiving a JAM!  In April, 2016 she got her WCX Title. She has been with Cheryl on her Board and Train program between showing for her Grand Championship and having a litter. She is the sweetest girl and we expect she will be finishing her Senior Hunter title any day now!

Sire: GCH Flyway Farms Boom Boom Pow MH, WCX **

Dam : CH Kistryl Acadia

Owner: Xan Latta

Handler: Cheryl BacaIMG_0478




GCH. Wind Dancer’s Fortune Hunter SH, WCX earned his Senior Hunter Title at the Great Western Flat Coated Retriever Club HT on 11/20/16. Having earned his WCX Title at the Flat Coat National in June it was a proud moment for Cheryl as he had not even turned 3 years old when he finished the titles. “Rowdy” is on Cheryl’s Board and Train program and is working toward Master Hunter now!

Sire: GCH.  Almanza Intermetto

Dam: GCH. Wind Dancer’s Along Came A Spyder

Owner: Kerry Forni

Handler: Cheryl Baca





Magicgold Ruff Times JH, WCX earned her On 10/30/16 (1 day before her 1st Birthday) finished her Junior Hunter title. Earlier in the attended NorCal WC/WCX and passed her WCX. She earned her first Senior Hunter leg at the Redwood Empire HT in Smith River, California on 8/17/17. She is a hard running little dog with all the right stuff to go all the way!

Sire: Sportin’ Nitty Gritty ***, MH, OS

Dam: Magicgold’s Rock A Doodle Doo MH, WCX, CCA    

Owner/Handler – Bruce Hayes



Sunbeam’s The Devil Made Me Do It MH, WCX, CCA – AKA – ‘Angel” Picured to the left of her Sire Ryman. Finished her Master Hunter Title 7/9/16, at Rose City Hunt Test. A very proud moment for Jean and Angel and Cheryl as well! Despite being belated. Huge Congratulations to you both. Still picking up Master legs! Most recently at the Redwood Empire HT. Angel and Jean are doing great!

Sire : Fernhill Sunrise at the Ryman MH, WCX

Dam: Sunbeams Wildfire MH, WCX

Owner/Handler – Jean Mott

 2016 02 15_1260 Tux 2nd MH Pass



CH. Aqueus White Tie and Tails MH, WCX – AKA “Tux” finished his Master Hunter Title at the Copper State Hunt Test, Arizona on 2/9/17. It was a double header Master and he passed both days! Not only was Pat super Proud. Cheryl was there and was thrilled to watch her protege’s do stunning work. Way to Go!!

Sire: CH. Aqueus Hop To It AX,AXJ, MH, WCX

Dam: CH Manitou Aqueus All Spruced Up AX,AXJ,MH,WCX

Owner/Handler – Pat Romeiro



Magicgold’s Abra Abracadabra SH, WCX – AKA “Tata” passed her first Master Hunter test at the Main Retriever Club’s Spring Test, Corning, Califiornia on 3/31/17. Tata was 2 years old. She ran a very clean test in all the series and did not have to be handled on any of her marks. Cheryl is Very proud of this curly girly!

Sire: High Time’s Big Dog Daddy CDX, MH, **, MNR, OS

Dam: Magicgold’s Run Thru’ The Jungle **,MH, WCX, OD

Owner/Handler – Cheryl Baca


Congratulations to CH Bertschire’s Moonlight, on receiving his first JH leg at Redwood Empire Hunt Test, Smith River, California.  Due to some health issues with Harvey he decided to turn over the reins to Cheryl to work with Shadow. Cheryl did the finishing work for Shadow to be ready for Junior Hunter.  Shadow has been working with Cheryl on her board and train for a few months and is showing great promise for the upper stake work. Shadow did a beautiful job of pinning his marks on land and water and made Cheryl very proud! Cheryl would like to thank Harvey for entrusting her with his baby and she is delighted to be work with such a talented boy! We look forward to many fun tests ahead.

Sire: CH Spader Damen’s Anjou, SH, WCX, CGC
Dam: GCH Bertschire’s Return to Sender, SH, WC, CGC
Owner: Harvey Riggs / Handler: Cheryl Baca



On Father’s Day 2017, Magicgold’s Orient Express, “Jade,” MH, WCX, UDX, OM1, passed her 50th Master Hunter test, qualifying her for the Golden Retriever Hunt Test Hall of Fame.  Suzanne has been a dedicated and enthusiastic dog sport participant, and as a result, Jade has qualified for the Master National Hunt Test for the last six consecutive years and passed the National in California in 2014.

Sire:  Sportin’ Nitty Gritty,*** MH
Dam:  Magicgold’s Celtic Causeway,** MH
Owner/Handler:  Suzanne Mikolajcik


2016-2017 – Fern Hill Sunrise at the RymaRymann, MH WCX owner Handler Ardith Osborn. We are happy to report Ryman qualified for the Master National and Master Amateur handled by Ardith Osborn and Bruce Hayes.  These three are a wonderful team, dedicated to bringing out the best in their dogs, willing to go the extra step to participate in group training days and lend a hand and a smile to those around them.  Well done team Ryman.
Sire: GMH HRCH UH Tidewaters Weekend Gladiator Can/Am CD WCX MH
Dam: Fern Hill Pennyroyal CDX RE JH CGC TDI NAP
Owner/Handler:  Ardith Osborn / Bruce Hayes

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