2010 Student Accomplishments

Please email your Accomplishments  and photos to Patti Skorupa at p_skorupa@skorupa.com as soon as you can!

Titles Earned:

“Anton & David – New Senior Hunter Title!”

CH Flyway Farms Te Deum SH WC — “Anton” — Black Flatcoat Male — O/H: David Kunkle

Anton & David have been on a roll this year!  In the conformation ring, Anton earned both majors and a total of fifteen points needed to become a champion.

But to prove he’s got brains as well as a pretty face, Anton & David completed his Senior Hunter title, earning a leg at the NorCal Golden Retriever Club 2010 Hunt Test, two passes at the Lassen Retriever Club 2010 Double Header Hunt Test and his final leg at the Sagehen’s November 6 test.  Congratulations to both of you!

“Henley & Ardith –  Senior Hunter title!”

Magicgold Hotel California SH WCX CCA – “Henley” – Golden Male – O/H: Ardith Osborn

While Ardith has been pretty busy with her pup, she and Henley still found time to complete his Senior Hunter title!  This team has worked hard early this year, and at the NorCal Golden Retriever 2010 Spring Hunt Test double-header, Henley earned his Senior Hunter title on Saturday, and an insurance leg on Sunday.  Now training for Master, we expect to see this pair do some fine work in 2011’s tests.

Spice & Terri – New Senior Hunter Title, JAM in All-Breed Derby!”

SR Chocolate Is The Spice Of Life SH  — “Spice” — Chocolate Lab Female — O/H: Terri Mahallati

2010 was a very busy year for Spice and Terri!  To start the year, Spice earned a Judges’ Award of Merit at the San Jose Retriever Club 2010 Field Trial.  This was Spice’s one and only Derby.  She also earned a third place at the Hills Ferry Retriever Club’s Open Level Super Single series.  At the young age of two, Spice earned her Senior Hunter title, earning legs at the Hills Ferry HRC test, the Marin Retriever Club double-header (two passes), and the Sierra Nevada Retriever Club tests.  She also earned her NAHRA Started title.  During their “spare time”, Spice & Terri also compete in Agility.  We look forward to hearing about their successes in that sport, as well as watching their progress toward Master.

“Windy & Cathy – New Junior Hunter Title”

Magicgold Wind In The Willows – “Windy” – Golden Female – O/H: Cathy Colley

We received this note from Cathy – “Well, Windy got her Junior title, and I am bursting at the seams proud of her!  She finished her JH title at the Junior Stake double header at the LRCSC Hunt Tests at Chino Hills, CA.  Windy made her (very green!) owner/handler proud by pinning her marks and pushing though very difficult lines over multiple cover changes and in difficult weather.  Prado Dog Training Field was inundated by water for months, and the judges got really creative in planning these tests.  Now I am totally hooked on Field, and will be moving on to Senior with Cheryl’s blessing.  I am so grateful for this wonderful little dog!”

“Jade & Suzanne – New SH Title!”  

Magicgold’s Orient Express CD SH WCX— “Jade” — Golden Retriever Female — O/H: Suzanne Mikolajcik


At just twenty-five months old, Jade completed her Senior Hunter title and earned an insurance SH leg.  In that short amount of time, this talented team has also earned a CD, WC and WCX.  Jade & Suzanne are currentlytraining for her CDX and working toward her Master Hunter title, earning a Master pass at the Sagehen’s Retriever Club Hunt Test this fall.

“Delilah & Xan – New WC Title!”

Flyway Farms Tears from Laughter JH WC — “Delilah” — Black Flatcoat Female — O/H: Alexandra Latta

If you look in the Canine Dictionary under “WonderWoman”, you might just see Delilah’s photo.  This year at the FCRSA National Specialty in Auburn, Indiana, Delilah picked up her Working Certificate, and also won the FCRSA Unsteady Singles Competition in a very competitive run-off.  And she accomplished this while expecting her first litter.  Delilah bounced back from pregnancy, and is currently hunting pheasants and training for her Senior Hunter title.

“Crash & Renee – New JH Title!”

Reimur’s Juz Crashin’ Thru JH CD RA CGC — “Crash” — Black Labrador Male — O/H: Renee StDenis

In just over a month, Crash earned a JH to add to his collection of titles.  He and Renee travelled to Prado to earn their first leg at the Labrador Retriever Club’s JH test.  They followed up a few weeks later with two passes at the Sagehen’s double-header, and a final leg at the Marin Retriever Club’s test.

In her email to Cheryl, Renee wrote:  “We need to thank all of you — Brenda, for giving us the obedience foundation that made it so easy to bring him to this point (and for encouraging us to play with birds), Cheryl, who turned Crash into a true field dog, Patti and Ryder for being our main support, Darlene and Barb and Don, for entrusting me with such a wonderful puppy, and our cheering section:  Aunt Linda, Jan, Joanne, Carol, Elaine and everyone who provided so much encouragement!

“FireTruck & Xan — New SH & WCX Titles!

Rockyhill’s Roc’s Red Glare SH WCX – “FireTruck” – Liver Flat Coat Male – O/H: Xan Latta

Aside from being Xan’s premier duck & pheasant dog, FireTruck has shown that he can excel in the hunt test arenas.  “Truck-E-Bear” earned five Senior Hunter legs in 2010.  His first was at the NorCal Golden Retriever Club’s spring test, followed by a leg at the Lassen Retriever Club’s spring test and another at the Marin Retriever Club’s spring test.  He and Xan and the rest of the crew then did a cross-country trip, stopping long enough for FireTruck to earn a fourth Senior leg at the Wisconsin Amateur Field Trial Club’s spring test.  He then picked up an insurane leg at the Flat-Coated Retriever Society of America’s National Specialty, where he also earned his WCX and his Judges Award of Merit at their Steady Singles competition.

“Monkey & Cheryl – New SH title, First Master leg!”

Magicgold’s Run Thru’ The Jungle SH WCX ** — “Monkey” — Golden Retriever Female — O/H: Cheryl Baca

This pretty young girl is doing a wonderful job in the field.  She’s exciting to watch, and she gets the job done.  In a few short months, she earned her Senior Hunter title, and is doing a wonderful job running Master marks & blinds.  Monkey earned her four Senior legs in the spring at the Hills Ferry Hunting Retriever Club test, the Lassen Retriever Club JH test, & the Marin Retriever Club spring test.  Her final leg was at the Sierra Nevada Retriever Club test.  Not one to slow down, Monkey picked up her first Master Hunter leg at the Sagehens Retriever Club test in the fall.  We’re certain to see her earning her other Master legs in 2011.

“Dodger & Patti – New JH Title, WC & USS JAM!

CH Tealwin’s Lucky Dodger JH WC — “Dodger” — Black Flatcoat Male – O/H Patti Skorupa

Dodger started training for field events very late in the game.  He was almost six when he started his field training career, and in a very short time, he has earned a few titles and awards.   His first tests occurred at the Flat-Coated Retriever Society of America’s national specialty in Auburn, Indiana.  At that event, Dodger earned his first Junior Hunter leg, his Working Certificate, and a Judges Award of Merit at the Unsteady Singles event.  He also made the first cut in the Best of Breed conformation show at the specialty.

Dodger was raring to go to finish his Junior Hunter title, but had to wait until the fall test season to do so.  He earned two JH legs at the Sagehens Retriever Club’s double-header, and his final leg at the Marin Retriever Club’s fall test.

“Trygger & Xan – New JH Title & USS JAM!

Rowansgaard Lytes Carey JH — “Trygger” — Black Flatcoat Male – O/H Xan Latta

Trygger is a dog that gets the job done in the most efficient way possible.  He proved that when he earned his Junior Hunter title in only two weekends, earning his first two legs at the Norcal Golden Retriever Club’s spring double-header, and then the last two legs the next month at the Marin Retriever Club’s spring double-header.  He then travelled with Xan and his flatcoat family to Auburn, Indiana, where he competed in the Flat-Coated Retriever Society of America’s Unsteady Singles competition, and earned a Judge’s Award of Merit in very stiff competition.

“Storm & Cathy – New Canadian WC Title!”

Shannara’s Rav’n Tsunami JH Can WC – “Storm” – Black Flatcoat Male – O/H Cathy Lynch

While Storm and Cathy have been busy with handling drills, remote sits and multiple marks, they couldn’t sit on the sidelines at the Flat-Coated Retriever Society of Canada’s specialty.  Storm & Cathy earned their Canadian Working Certificate (a CKC title) at the FCRSC field events.  Way to go, you two!  Titled in two countries!


“Ember & Jean – New SH Title!

Sunbeam’s Wildfire SH WCX — “Ember” — Golden Retriever Female — O/H Jean Mott

It is so exciting to watch a new team come together.  At less than two years of age, Ember, and her breeder/owner/handler Jean have arrived.  Ember earned her Senior Hunter title just short of her second birthday, with legs earned at the Oregon Hunting Retriever Club test, two at the Umpqua Valley Retriever Club double-header, and a fourth at the Rose City Labrador Retriever Club test.  We expect to see this team go far!



Legs toward titles and other achievements:

“Blaze & Cheryl – Master National Qualified, seven 2010 legs

Magicgold Wheels Of Fire MH, CGC,WCX ** — “Blaze”–  Golden Retriever Female –O/H:Cheryl Baca

Wow!  Cheryl and Blaze had an awesome year!  In the qualifying period, they earned five Master Hunter legs, qualifying them for the AKC Master National, which was held in Corning California, only a few hours north of Cheryl’s home.  Blaze earned 2010 Master Hunter legs at the Lassen Retriever Club Spring Hunt test, the Marin Retriever Club Spring Hunt Test, the Sierra Nevada Retriever Club, two legs at the Oregon HRC double-header, and legs at the Sagehens Retriever Club test & the Marin Retriever Club test.  We look forward to hearing that Blaze has qualified for the 2011 Master National!

“Gustav & David – First MH leg!”

Ardenwood Gustav As A Wayfarer SH WC — “Gustav” — Black Flatcoat Male — O/H: David Kunkle

It was a pleasure to watch David & Gustav’s impressive performance at the Sagehens Retriever Club’s Master Hunter test!  They have really become a team, and they are going to go far!  One of the Master judges at the test, a long-time flat-coated retriever breeder and trainer later remarked that he would love Gustav at his property.  It’s been fun to watch David & Gustav in the pheasant fields as well.

“Zip & Joe – Steady Singles JAM!”

Ch Ardenwood As Time Goes By SH WCX Can WCI — “Zip(!!!)” — Liver Flatcoat Male — O/H Joe Skorupa

While training for Master, Joe & Zip didn’t stop participating in tests & trials.  While at the Flat-Coated Retriever Society’s National Specialty in Auburn, Indiana, Zip earned a second WCX pass, and also got a Judges Award of Merit at the Steady Singles competition.  He also took second place in Field Trial Dog at the conformation show.  He is training hard on those Master water blinds, and Joe & Zip hope to have success at the Master level in the 2011 tests.

Joe has also completed the requirements to Judge AKC Junior & Senior Hunt Tests.  We look forward to seeing him at the line, and sitting in a judge’s chair just behind the line in the near future.

“Nalu & Debbie – Two SH legs!”

Blue Wave Ryder Catchn A Breez JH NF — “Nalu” — Chocolate Labrador Female — O/H Debbie Chun

This little girl is a rocket ship, even when the ducks are almost bigger than she is!  It has been a delight to watch Nalu & Debbie come together as a team, and we expect to see them add a Senior Hunter title to a list of agility titles in the coming year.  Nalu earned her first SH leg at the Great Western Flat-Coated Retriever Club test in Prado, followed by a second leg at the Marin Retriever Club’s fall test.



“TJ & Tim – Two JH legs!

Rockyhill’s Fire Truck Second Alarm — “TJ” — Liver Flatcoat Male – O/H Tim Byrne

Here are two guys that have come a long way in a very short time.  Tim is on the road quite a bit, and yet he and TJ haven’t let that get in the way of some solid training and talent for the field.  In one weekend, the Sagehens Retriever Club’s double-header, TJ and Tim earned two Junior Hunter legs, putting them half-way to their JH title.  We expect to hear all sorts of stories about their pheasant-hunting adventures during the winter, and expect their JH title to come easily in the spring test season.

“Zeke & Jennifer – New JH leg!”

Otterbrook’s Ezekiel JH — “Zeke” — Golden Retriever Male — O/H: Jennifer Dill

We knew that Jennifer & Zeke wouldn’t want to sit in the gallery to watch other dogs play the game.  While Zeke completed his Junior Hunter title last year, they earned a delayed insurance leg at the Redwood Empire Retriever Club’s summer Junior test in Loleta, California.  We hope to see this team running Senior soon!

“Sophie & Harvey – New JH leg!”


CH. Bertshire Black Rhian JH – “Sophie” – Black Flat Coat Female – O: Harvey Riggs  H:  Pam Morris

Like Zeke, Sophie earned her Junior Hunter title in 2009, but didn’t want to sit by and watch all the other dogs have fun without participating.  Sophie earned another Junior Hunter leg at the NorCal Golden Retriever Spring Hunt Test, this time handled by Pam Morris, daughter of Sophie’s owner & usual handler, Harvey Riggs.


“Layla & Xan – New MH leg!

Ch. Rockyhill’s Western Wishes SH WCX – “Layla”- Black Flatcoat Female – O/H: Xan Latta

Not to be outdone by the youngsters in Xan Latta’s XanVan, Layla proved that she knew what to do in Master, and earned her first MH leg at the Flat-Coated Retriever Society of America’s National Specialty Hunt Test in Auburn, Indiana.  She then showed those young flatcoats that she wasn’t only a good worker, but a super-star on the conformation runway by winning the Field Trial Bitch class at the show.

“Boy Wonder & Xan — New JH Title & Steady Singles JAM!”

Flyway Farms Boom Boom Pow JH WC — “Boy Wonder” — Black Flat-coated Retriever Male – O/H Xan Latta

We can only imagine the adventurous road trip that Xan and her crew experienced on their way to the FCRSA National Specialty and pre-specialty training Auburn, Indiana & in other areas in the midwest.  Boy Wonder had already turned heads in NorCal, when he earned his Junior Hunter title in four straight passes in less than three weeks.   Those passes were earned at the NorCal Golden Retriever Club’s double-header, and the Lassen Retriever Club’s double-header.  At the FCRSA specialty, Boy Wonder earned a Judges Award of Merit at the Steady Singles competition.


“Keltie & Cheryl – New MH legs!”

SR. Magicgold’s Celtic Causeway MH,WCX,** – “Keltie”  – Golden Retriever Female – O/H: Cheryl Baca

Well Keltie has certainly had a busy year!  She started the 2010 hunt test season with a Master Hunter leg at the Sierra Nevada Retriever Club spring hunt test.  Then she took some time off to be a mother, delivering four boys and four girls in August. But this girl is a working girl, and after doing a great job of raising her puppies, she got back in the swing of things, earning two Master Hunter legs in the fall hunt test season.  The first pass was at the Sagehens Retriever Club’s test, the second a few weeks later at the Marin Retriever Club test.


“Luke & Alan – Three MH legs!”

Chi Luke of Copperidge SH — “Luke” — Golden Retriever Male — O/H Alan Kaber

They’re nearly there!  Luke & Alan have really made progress toward their Master Hunter title.  They earned their first leg at the Hills Ferry Hunting Retriever Club’s spring Hunt Test in the spring of 2010.  Their next Master pass didn’t arrive until November, but they picked up two passes in only three weeks.  One more to go, team!  I’m sure you will earn your MH in short order.

“Echo & Cathy – First JH leg!”

Coastalight Rip Times Two— “Echo” — Black Flatcoat Female — O/H Cathy Lynch

Here’s another young team that is starting  to figure out the game.  Echo has had a shortened training season, but is very much in love with the hunt test game.  She’s also well known for flushing wild pheasants while on her way to marks.  But even though those wild birds are appealing, she does come back with her bumper or training bird.  Echo picked up her first JH leg at the Sagehens Retriever Club’s November hunt test.  She also picked up two Canadian CD qualifying legs while attending the FCRSC Specialty.  We expect to see Echo & Cathy do well in the 2011 spring tests.  This little girl has talent.

“Jake & Reed – New JH leg!

Magicgold’s Indian Summer – “Reed”- Golden Retriever Male – O/H: Jake Leggett

It is such a pleasure to watch this young team hard at work figuring out the hunt test game.  Reed & his owner/handler Jake attended their first hunt test as a “learning experience”, and came away with their first Junior Hunter leg from the Marin Retriever Club.  They did learn – quite a lot – but they also made the other participants and observers smile.   Their enthusiasm and love of the sport was evident.  We expect to see this team excel in the 2011 spring season!

“Ryman & Ardith – Three JH legs!”

Fern Hill Sunrise at the Ryman — “Ryman” — Golden Retriever Male — O/H Ardith Osborn

What a team.  This talented boy can do anything he sets his mind to, and he has shown that he loves the retriever game.  Ardith and Ryman picked up three Junior Hunter legs in November.  The first and second at the Sagehens Retriever Club’s Fall double-header, and the third at the Marin Retriever Club’s test.  We’re sure that Ryman’s final JH leg will come easily in the spring tests, and we will soon be watching this exciting team running Senior.

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