Fall 2009 Student Accomplishments

Please email your Accomplishments  and photos to Patti Skorupa at p_skorupa@skorupa.com as soon as you can!

Titles Earned:

“Anton & David – New WC Title!”

Flyway Farms Te Deum JH WC — “Anton” — Black Flatcoat Male — O: David Kunkle H: Xan Latta

When David was not able to travel to Prado for the Great Western FCRC WC/WCX test, Anton demonstrated that he understood how to work well with others.  In this case, his breeder Xan Latta.  Xan and Anton turned heads in Southern California!

We look forward to watching Anton running in Senior in the spring tests.

“Jade & Suzanne – New CD, WC, WCX Titles!”

Magicgold’s Orient Express CD JH WC WCX— “Jade” — Golden Retriever Female — O/H: Suzanne Mikolajcik

On October 3, 2009, in Monroe, Washington, Magicgold’s Orient Express, “Jade,” earned both her WC and WCX titles.  The test was hosted by Evergreen GRC at Dr. Greenleaf’s farm.  It was a brisk 47-degree morning which gave way to a pleasant afternoon on the water.  The competitors consisted of Goldens, Flatcoats, and one Poodle–it felt just like Cheryl’s training group!  On December 4, 2009, at 20 months of age, Jade earned her third leg and CD Title at the obedience trial in Costa Mesa, California, held by Shoreline DFA of Orange County.  She was awarded two First Place ribbons in Novice B in back-to-back shows.  Her qualifying scores were 197.5 and 195.5.  In the second show of the day, she was in a run-off for High In Trial.  Jade  trains for obedience with Cessie Banfield and Stephanie Gomez and is in training with her breeder Cheryl Baca towards her Senior Hunter in 2010.

“Punch & Shari – New JH Title!”

Rockyhill’s Funny Cide WC— “Punch” — Black Flatcoat Male — O/H: Shari Hughes

Punch and Shari were in a hurry to earn that Junior Hunter Title before pheasant season kicked in, and they so did so in grand style!  Punch earned his second JH leg at the Sacramento Valley RC Fall Hunt Tests, followed by back-to-back passes at the Sagehens RC Fall Hunt Tests.  They were back in the fields & blinds, hunting up phessies & ducks soon after.  Punch is turning into quite a hunting machine, and has become a favorite hunting companion to several duck & pheasant club members that are currently without dogs.

“Luke & Alan – New SH Title!”

Chi Luke of Copperidge SH — “Luke” — Golden Retriever Male — O/H Alan Kaber

After a summer break, young Luke and Alan delighted the gallery at the Sagehens RC back-to-back Fall Hunt Tests, earning two senior legs and their new Senior Hunter title!  Congratulations to both of you!  You’ve come along so quickly, and are sure to earn lots of titles and have lots of adventures together!

“Raleigh & Charlotte – New JH Title!”

Trumpet’s Hare’s Ear – “Raleigh” – Golden Retriever Male – O/H Charlotte Gaynor

We said this young lad was turning heads!  At not yet sixteen months of age, Raleigh earned his Junior Hunter title at the Sacramento Valley Retriever Club’s fall hunt test.  He then brought home two extra JH rosettes from the Sagehens RC double-header.  We can’t wait to see this handsome lad in Senior!

“Teak & Kathy – New JH Title!”

Aqueus Dutch Wood Polish JH – “Teak” – Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever – O/H Kathy Gibson

From Kathy – “My little red pocket rocket toller finished her JH going 5 for 5 at 14 months of age, despite her extremely novice handler.  Teak thinks the field is great fun and ran every mark with great exuberance – once to the point of going head-over-kettle on her way to the flyer.  It did take a village to get Teak ready for the field.  Huge thanks go to Debbie Chun and Tracey Mays who faithfully ran her in group while “mom” went to work.  And of course, the biggest thanks to Cheryl for believing that a little 30 pound dog could run with the big dawgs.

“Boy Wonder & Xan — New WC Title!”

Flyway Farms Boom Boom Pow WC — “Boy Wonder” — Black Flat-coated Retriever Male – O/H Xan Latta

Talk about over-achievers!  At just six months of age, Boy Wonder passed the Great Western Flat-coated Retriever WC test at Prado, CA.  He certainly lives up to his name!

We can’t wait to watch as he begins his hunt test and field careers in 2010.

What a good boy!

“Lucy & Paddy – New JH Title!”

Lidos I Love Lucy JH WC –“Lucy” — Standard Poodle Female — O/H Paddy Berne

Lucy earned her JH title this fall in less than a month with passes at Sacramento Valley RC, Sagehens RC and a doubleheader at the Labrador RC of Southern California at Prado.  The judges were very complimentary, in one case telling me that she had done a difficult mark the best of any dog in the test, and telling me I should be very proud and they hoped to see us at many more tests.  One judge even said “She’s adorable!”

“Storm & Cathy – New JH Title!”

Shannara’s Rav’n Tsunami JH – “Storm” – Black Flatcoat Male – O/H Cathy Lynch

Cathy reports that her first experience in training for the field has been a wonderful experience!  Storm earned his second and third legs at the Inland Valley Retriever Club tests at Prado, and his forth leg at Sagehens Retriever Club at Denverton.  This pair has learned so much about hunt tests, and have become a wonderful team to watch.  Cathy sends huge thanks to Cheryl!

“Trygger & Xan – New WC Title!

Rowansgaard Lytes Carey — “Trygger” — Black Flatcoat Male – O/H Xan Latta

Not to be outdone by his baby bro, Trygger showed everyone how it should be done, and earned his Working Certificate at the Great Western Flat-coated Retriever Club’s fall WC test.  Congratulations, on an outstanding performance, and we can’t wait to see you in Junior!

“Joe & Pam – New WCX title!”

Brookestone’s Blackbeard JH WCX — “Joe” — Black Flatcoat Male — O/H Pam Morris

Pam describes their training and event experience –  “Joey worked hard training for the WCX.  With my busy work schedule it was very difficult to find enough training time.  I was very lucky that Dad would take Joey to group sessions, and Cheryl and Tracey Mays would run him.  (Not sure how Cal felt about that!).  It definitely took a village to help get that boy ready, and on a wing and a prayer, he showed up the morning of the test like he was a professional.  Very different test situations than we had trained for, but Joe surpassed all hopes and quite stylishly passed the WCX.  Special thanks to Dad, Cheryl, Tracey, Suzanne, and Charlotte!”  We are told that Joe was spectacular, stepped on all land marks, had great line manners and did wonderful work on the water.

“Sophie & Harvey – New WCX title!”

CH. Bertshire Black Rhian JH WCX– “Sophie” – Black Flat Coat Female – O/H: Harvey Riggs

Pam reports:  “Sophie and Dad trained hard this past summer and fall, and had great success traveling cross country to the Southeastern Flat Coated Retriever Fancier’s WC, WCX Test, held in Winterville, Georgia on November 8, 2009.  Despite unfamiliar and challenging terrain, Sophie had successful runs and earned her WCX.  She is CH Bertschire’s Black Rhian JH WCX.”

“Layla & Xan – New WCX Title!

Ch. Rockyhill’s Western Wishes SH WCX – “Layla”- Black Flatcoat Female – O/H: Xan Latta

Xan and Layla took some time away from hunting and agility training to visit Prado and compete in the Great Western Flat-coated Retriever Club’s WCX test.  They did an outstanding job, and easily earned a Working Certificate Excellent title!  Congratulations to an awesome team!

“Zip & Joe – New SH Title!”

Ch Ardenwood As Time Goes By SH WCX Can WCI — “Zip(!!!) — Liver Flatcoat Male — O/H Joe Skorupa

This pair worked throughout the summer to strengthen their water blinds and their work certainly paid off with passes for their last two Senior Hunter legs at the Sacramento Valley RC Fall Hunt Test and the Labrador Retriever Club of Southern California Fall Hunt Test.  Their final leg was judged by two FCR breeders, who were very complementary about Zip(!!!)’s marking ability and drive.  We look forward to watching this team as they prepare to run Master!

Legs toward titles and other achievements:

“Monkey & Cheryl – Derby JAM!”

Magicgold’s Run Thru’ The Jungle JH WCX ** — “Monkey” — Golden Retriever Female — O/H: Cheryl Baca

Cheryl and Monkey certainly turned heads at the Sagehens Retriever Club Fall Field Trial.  At her very first Derby, Miss Monkey earned a Judges Award of Merit, and brought home a beautiful rosette and a couple of asterisks, to match those of her mother.

She’s got her eye on a third asterisk, and we’re betting that she’ll get it someday!


“Windy & Cathy – JH leg!”

Magicgold’s Wind in the Willows — “Windy” — Golden Retriever Female — O/H Cathy Colley

Cathy wants everyone to know that Windy earned her first Junior Hunter leg at the Inland Valley RC Fall Hunt Test in Prado.  “I am so proud.  I am a 30 year veteran of Obedience competition, and I bought this Field puppy as an Obedience prospect.  She will be rocking the rings next year.  But early this year, I took her out on birds, and Oh My Gosh, got hooked on how much she loves them!”  Congratulations, Cathy!  We’re delighted to hear about Windy’s first rosette.  I’m sure she’ll earn many, many more!

“Gabby & Cheryl – Field Trial Qualifying JAM & MH leg!”

Magicgold’s Galloping Gabby MH,WCX ** – “Gabby” – Golden Retriever Female – O/H: Cheryl Baca

What a delight to watch this girl move effortlessly from field trial to hunt test and back again.  Gabby & Cheryl turned in an outstanding performance at the Sagehens RC Fall Fall Field Trial, earning a Judges Award of Merit, and then followed later that month with a Master leg at the Sacramento Valley RC Fall Hunt Test.

Congratulations to an outstanding team.


“Blaze & Cheryl – New MH leg!”

Magicgold Wheels Of Fire MH, CGC,WCX ** — “Blaze”–  Golden Retriever Female –O/H:Cheryl Baca

Cheryl and Blaze celebrated their Master Hunter title earned last spring with another Master Hunter pass in the fall.

“Zinger & Jean – Six MH passes!”

Coarsegold’s Flaming Red Zinger CD MH WCX — “Zinger” — Golden Retriever Female — O/H Jean Mott

Last spring, we were very excited to see Jean and Zinger earn four Master Hunter legs.  I’m sure you can imagine how thrilled we are to see this dynamic team earn SIX legs during the fall hunt test season!  What an inspiring team to train with and to watch work.  We can’t wait to watch them compete in the Master National!

“Flyer & Jean – Six MH passes!”

Sunbeam’s Leap of Faith MH WCX — “Flyer”  – Golden Retriever Female – O/H Jean Mott

You know how competitive roommates can be.  Last spring, Flyer was quite disappointed to earn one fewer MH pass than Zinger.  That didn’t happen again in the fall.  Flyer also earned SIX MH legs, and wowed the gallery.  Congratulations, Jean!  You’re going to be pretty busy at the Master Nationals!

“Henley & Ardith –  Senior Hunter pass!”

Magicgold Hotel California JH WCX CCA – “Henley” – Golden Male – O/H: Ardith Osborn

Ardith and Henley are nearly there!  They earned their third Senior Hunter rosette at the Redwood Empire Retriever Club Summer Hunt Test.  This team is fun to watch, and we’re sure to see a couple of new letters behind Henley’s registered name soon.

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