Summer 2008 student accomplishments

Titles Earned:

“Suzanne & Ruby new WC title!”

Princess Zen Ruby Roja UDX JH WC— “Ruby” — Golden Retriever Female — O/H Suzanne Mikolajcik

Just two weeks after completing her Junior Hunter title, Ruby earned her Working Certificate at the NorCal Golden Retriever Club’s WC/WCX trial in Suisun City, California.  Ruby and Suzanne began hunt training with Cheryl just one year ago, in June of 2007 after earning Ruby’s UDX in Obedience. What an awesome team!  Cheryl and Suzanne are going to work toward completing Ruby’s WCX before she officially retires.

“Charlotte & Rainbow new WC title!”

Trumpet’s Ultimate Caddis WC CGC – “Rainbow” – Golden Female – O/H: Charlotte Gaynor

Born March 13, 2007, Rainbow earned her WC at the NorCal GRC WC/WCX test held at Denverton on June 7, 2008. Bred, owned and handled by Charlotte, Rainbow owes her early successes to Cheryl’s training and coaching Charlotte, and to her mother, Ritzi who whelped 9 pups the day before!

“Ardith & Henley new WCX!”

Magicgold Hotel California JH WCX CCA – “Henley” – Golden Male – O/H: Ardith Osborn

Henley qualified for his WCX at the NorCal GRC WC/WCX on June 7, 2008.  He qualified for his JH in four out of four tries and his WC on the first try.  Although he took two tries to get his WCX, he did so in grand style, proving that Magicgold “men” have the right stuff too.  He is a pleasure to train and a wonderful companion.  Ardith & Henley are both looking forward to moving on to Senior.

“Alan & Luke new JH title!”

Chi Luke of Copperidge JH — “Luke” — Golden Retriever Male — O/H Alan Kabert

Congratulations to this wonderful team!  In September, Luke earned his Junior Hunter title at the Sacramento Valley Retriever Club’s 2008 Fall Hunt test at Denverton.  Luke is a young work, and his and Alan’s hard work and dedication have really paid off.  Luke didn’t put a paw wrong.    Now on to Senior and Field trials!


“Barbara & Memo new JH title!”

Ch MACH Shasta Action Item VCD1 RA OF JH WC — “Memo” — Black Flatcoat Female — O/H Barbara Fowler

This talented team have another title to add to Memo’s impressive collection.  She picked up her final Junior Hunter leg at the Sacramento Valley Retriever Club’s fall hunt test at CRTA Denverton.  Memo must be close to earning a spot in the FCRSA’s Hall of Fame!  What can’t this team do?


“Tracey & Cal new JH title!”

Rivercity’s High Caliber AX MXJ JH — “Cal” — Golden Retriever Male — O/H Tracey Mays

Tracey & Cal must LOVE Oregon.  In April 2008, they had great success there, earning two JH legs.  They travelled to Glide, Oregon again in June, where they competed in the Umpqua Valley Retriever Club double header hunt test.  Cal showed his stuff again, finishing his JH title on Saturday, and an insurance leg on Sunday!  What a nice weekend!  What a wonderful team.


Legs toward titles:


Brookestone’s Blackbeard WC — “Joe” — Black Flatcoat Male — O/H Pam Morris

Pam and Joe travelled to Glide, Oregon in June to compete in the Umpqua Valley Retriever Club hunt test. On Saturday,  Joe picked up his second Junior Hunter leg — they’re half-way there!  Pam & Joey (& Ollie) have worked very hard this year, and it’s a pleasure to see the progress that these two have made.  We’re sure that they will pick up their last two JH legs in short order.  


Blue Ribbon Adventure Shuttle ** SH WCX — “Shuttle” — Golden Retriever Female — O/H Diane Glassmeyer

This team is still turning heads.   Shuttle picked up her first Master Hunter leg shortly after she turned two. Diane & Shuttle’s fall hunt test season is off to a good start – they picked up Shuttle’s second MH leg at the Sacramento Valley Retriever Club hunt test.



Ch Ardenwood As Time Goes By JH WCX — “Zip(!!!) — Liver Flatcoat Male — O/H Joe Skorupa

Zip(!!!) and Joe earned their second Senior Hunter leg, demonstrating that this team knows how to play the game.  Zip(!!!)’s marking continues to earn praise, and their blind work is coming along nicely.  Joe also learned what they need to focus on before their next test.  The water series was quite a learning experience – first a no-bird when the honoring dog broke, then a duck and pick-up dogs running around trucks and holding blinds, including the one that Joe & and Zip(!!!) were occupying.  


SR. Magicgold’s Celtic Causeway SH,WCX,** – “Keltie” – O/H: Cheryl Baca – Golden Retriever Female

Keltie was one of 14 dogs to pass the Master test held by Redwood Empire Retriever Club. This was her 2nd Master Pass. Here’s Cheryl’s description of the test:  “After completing the challenging first land water series triple with a land blind she went on to the 2nd series. The 3 in line triple on land was extremely difficult as the long bird went down last. The wind was blowing scent from the first two marks thrown into the dogs noses. Three dogs ran ahead of Keltie. All Master National Qualifiers, and one QAA dog. Each bent in to the middle bird and picked it up despite taking nice initial lines to the long Go bird. This forced the handlers to decide how to take the other  two marks. Having used up the initial line to the Go Bird added in a lot of confusion and basically each dog that did this was handled on two of the three marks. Keltie charged out to the Go Bird and just as she was closing in I saw her turn her head toward the middle bird. Instinctively I blew the whistle and cast her back. She was very good and took my cast picking up the long Go Bird in one whistle was the best any of the dogs had done. She proceeded to take the short bird next and then the middle without handles. A round of Applause bellowed as we finished the series. I asked the Judges if that was good enough. They both said that was the Best Job so far. However, poor Keltie never got that counted toward her final score as they scratched the test after we were done.. Altho’ Keltie continued to awe the Gallery and Judges throughout the test (and me too) I would have to say that the second series that never was, was a truly a Magic moment to have spent with my dog.   She then followed up by picking up her 3rd Master leg in the Prado test which held our first ever Delayed Quad on the water. Never missing a beat, Ms. Keltie shared First Place with four other terrific dogs recently at the NorCal GRC Single series. Including her good friend Zip! The day after she promptly came in to heat. Which disappointingly enough has forced us to scratch from the next 3 tests we entered…”


Magicgold’s Galloping Gabby SH,WCX ** – “Gabby” – O/H: Cheryl Baca-Golden Retriever Female

Gabby earned her first two Master Hunter legs at the Double Header held at Prado a few weeks ago. Cheryl’s comments – “She was a Pistol. Never missing a mark and her blinds were some of the best she has done. Including the one between the tree branches in the water. Gabby ran her first Qual at Denverton Road a few weeks ago and made it to the 3rd Series. I was especially proud of her marking on the first series as she was one of only nine dogs who did not have to handle on the 3 in line triple. Altho’ her water blind was probably the stinkiest I have ever seen her do!”     


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