April Kudos

There will be a short delay on the May posts due to my commitments. If you have pictures of your succesfull doggies please email to me by June 2nd.   If I have inadvertently excluded you and your dog in these announcements please let me know. I will be happy to post your news. Good Luck to all who are going to Sierra Nevada test. We should have a great turn out of dogs and people. See You There!


Topwater Hiddenspring Covenant JH – Yellow Labrador Female

O/H: Jeanne Collier

“Covey” and Jeanne completed their Junior Hunter title along with “Henry” and Don at the Lassen Retriever Club Hunt Test. It was rainy weather and despite conditions “Covey” aced her test, coming home with a ribbon for Mom. There’s something about “Singing in The Rain” that comes to me whenever I picture Jeanne and “Covey” going up to receive their ribbon. Hearty Congratulations to You Both! Now on to Senior!

zip-dives-small.jpgArdenwood’s As Time Goes By JH – Liver Flat Coat Male

O: Joe and Patti Skorupa

H: Joe Skorupa

“Zip” and Joe fairly flew through Junior going four for four to his title. At just 13 months old “Zip” is gathering speed in all the arenas his Mom and Dad are working with him in. After completing his title in the recent Oregon Hunt Tests they took time out to pick up another stack of points along with a Major in the breed ring. I know the “WOO HOO!” could be heard from the hills as Patti and Joe made their way home from Oregon. Now it’s on to Senior, Derby and whatever else takes “Zip’s” and Joe’s fancy as they enjoy their journey together.

 henry-and-flier-cropped-smaller.jpgCH. Applegarth’s King Henry JH – Black Flat Coat Male

O/H: Don Linville

“Henry” and Don completed their Junior Hunter title at the Lassen Retriever Club Hunt Test in Anderson, California. Held on April 21st, 2007. I was so excited to hear the good news from Don. He told me this was better than the day “Henry” finished his Championship. I can really appreciate how far this team has come. The first day we met and I evaluated “Henry” we both agreed there was work to be done. Don and Henry have consistently attended group, and Privates to attain their goal. “Henry” has been a fun dog to work with. A bit of a charmer he always manages to greet me with a big sloppy dog kiss whenever we meet. Completing his title in fine style. “Henry” plans to continue working in field toward his Senior Hunter, WC and WCX titles. Congratulations to you both. I am very proud of you!

April – Legs Towards Titles

Magicgold’s Wheels Of Fire SH,WCX,CGC- Golden Female

O/H: Cheryl Baca

“Blaze” picked up her 2nd Master Hunter leg at the Inland Valley Retriever Hunt Test in Lost Hills, April 21st and 22nd, 2007. The Judges were very complimentary of “Blaze”. Brenda Owens said she loved this little dog. I told her I did too. Thanking her very much for her nice words about “Blazey”. Only having to be handled on her last series of marks made me very proud. In fact, the Judge did tell me that “Blaze” was smarter than me at some point. Which I do concur with. Since when handling her to the middle bird of the water triple on the last series I made the mistake of handling her away from it initially. My depth perception was very bad. Poor “Blaze” was trying to be good about it. However, on my next cast (a come in whistle) she dashed toward the bird with unbelievable speed, before I could blow another whistle to handle her to where I thought the bird was she was picking up the bird. Giving me that look… As tho’ to say “IF YOU DON’T KNOW WHERE IT IS, I DO!” Thank you “Blaze”. you stink in training girl. But you look dam good in tests..

DD’s Here To Stay TD,JH, OA,OAJ,RN,WCX – Golden Male

O: Chris Hempel and Maureen Degnan

H:Chris Hempel

“Keeper” tore up the turf in Oregon on his way through his 2nd and 3rd Senior Hunter legs. While dedicated Mom Maureen stood out in the rain to watch her boy pull off each series. One more for a Title! When I first met “Keeper” and Chris she proposed a Junior Hunter title was all she would want with “Keeper” maybe a WC and WCX too. As time went on it was only obvious this boy was made for the field. When we talked about going on to Senior Chris was working full time as a nurse. The demands on her time were very limiting. However, she kept plugging away with the drills I would set for her. In between she ran “Keep” in Agility and Rally. I was beginning to feel concerned she would turn away from the field because of the work involved in teaching “Keeper” the handling. But, Chris is not a quitter. She and “Keeper” worked hard at night in lit parking lots after work to accomplish the tasks set forth. “Keeper” has told Chris he is going to go on to Master. Since Chris recently retired she has agreed. Each time I see “Keeper” he is so excited to see me. He knows I am the bird lady and he is thrilled his Mom is going to keep doing field with him. Congratulations Chris and “Keeper”!

SR Magicgold’s Celtic Causeway JH,WC – Golden Female

O/H: Cheryl Baca

“Keltie” earned her 2nd Senior Hunter leg at the Inland Valley Retreiver Club test held in Lost Hills. “Keltie” did such a beautiful job on Saturday that the Judge, Wendy Pennington took the time to find out all about where “Keltie” came from breeding wise. Complimenting her on her marking and blind work. On Sunday, Keltie went out on the last series on the honor. Bad dog!#!!

Magicgold’s Galloping Gabby JH, WC ** – Golden Female

“Gabby earned her 1st Senior Hunter leg at the Inland Valley Retreiver Club on Sunday. The sister team played “Good Dog, Bad Dog” over the weekend. “Gabby” managed both her blinds very nicely Her marking was exceptional. However, on Saturday she went out on the land series. Mainly due to the quartering up to the line and then a walk up. Unfortuantely, we have never practised anything of this nature. “Gabby” being “Gabby” was so wound up by the time we started the walk up that she broke on the flier. Unfortunately neither one of us could figure out where it was. Until it was too late. My marking could do with some improvement I think! Oh Well! More training and time needed.

Spiritlodge Sporting Chance – Golden Female

O/H: Christine Hsu

“Sport” and Christine picked up their first Junior Hunter leg at the Oregon Hunt Tests in April. From what Christine said it was a test well suited to “Sport” and her training with me. The concepts were areas we have covered in training and “Sporty” didn’t put a paw wrong. Slam dunking all her marks and delivering beautifully to hand. It was a wonderful beginning to Christine and “Sport’s” field journey. I’m sure we will be hearing more good news from Christine in the future. Congratulations to a job well done! If you ever get a chance to watch this team work you will see they do make a beautiful picture together.

Topwater Under His Wings – Black Labrador Female

O/H: Jeanne Collier

“Shadow” was a very good girl at the Lassen Retriever Club Hunt Test and earned her first Junior Hunter leg. “Shadow” just turned a year old and moving forward very nicely. I believe she does not want “Covey” to be the only one bringing home the ribbons in the Collier dog household. Congratulations Jeanne and “Shadow”!

March Updates

Topwater Hiddenspring Covenant – Yellow Labrador Female

O/H: Jeanne Collier

Congratulations to “Covey” and Jeanne for earning their 3rd JH leg at the Hills ferry H.T. “Covey” and Jeanne have joined groups on several occasions. With a long drive from Placerville, and a job Jeanne makes time to get some training in whenever she can. Apparently it’s working nicely for “Covey” too. Once Jeanne retires in June (YIPPEE!)she will be joining group on a more regular basis and I’m sure it will be on to Senior in no time for them both!

SR. Penmars Play It Again, UD, JH, WC Standard Poodle, Male

O/H: Penny Cavallaro

Penny and “Sam” completed their 4th NAHRA Started leg for his title (S.R.) at the San Joaquin R.C. on March 3rd, 2007. I think the NAHRA folks had a few suprises by the great work the poodles were doing over the weekend. Safe to say. “Poodles Rule!” Certainly the poodles were good representatives of their breed at the test. This is Penny’s second poodle (I think) with field titles. Penny has been very active in field with her poodles for some time. It is a pleasure to have had a chance to work with “Sam” and Penny on group days. Penny is a very hard worker and is always such a nice addition to group. Congratulations Penny and “Sam”!

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