harley14.jpgCH. Lidos Chimera Harley-Davidson, UDX,OA,AXJ,WC Standard Poodle, Male

Owner:Paddy Berne and Horst Baumberger. Handler:Paddy Berne

“Harley” and Paddy have good reason to celebrate their most recent accomplishments at the NAHRA double header event, held by San Joaquin R.C. at the Los Banos Wildlife Refuge. “Harley” earned his 2nd and 3rd Started Retriever legs in fine style! On Sunday, Paddy called me with an update of how things had gone. She started out by telling me how very difficult Sunday’s test was. How a large number of dogs had been dropped early in the day. Including several advanced dogs. That “Harley” had done his best. (Her tone was sounding as tho’ it was not a good day for “Harley” too). She took some time spitting this out. But, eventually let me in to her proudest moments with “Harley” being one of only three (I think) dogs to qualify at the end of the day! The Judges comment was “I have never awarded a poodle a qualifying ribbon! Good Job!”. For some, that would have been an insult. For Paddy and “Harley” it was a Victory of monumental size. When “Harley” and Paddy first came to me they had a number of issues that were holding “Harley” back from being successful in the field. Since “Harley” came in to the sport very late in life (born 6/20/1999), he had a lot of catching up to do. We all worked hard, and methodically at the plan for “Harley” to succeed in field. It is exciting to see all their hard work pay off now. “Harley” is a different dog in the field now. Each time I see him work I am so happy at how much effort, and the up attitude he puts in to his field work! Congratulations to you both. I am so very Proud of you!

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