Fall 2011 Student Accomplishments

Fall 2011 – Accomplishments & Titles Earned:


“G & Bob – JH”

Huntleigh Longrun 49er Gold Nugget JH, WC -“G” – o/h – Bob Lutolf- Golden Retriever Male.

After earning their WC, Bob and G continued their hard work and went 4 for 4 to earn their Junior Hunter title!  In September they took a trip up to Oregon and got their first Junior pass, then picked up another 2 legs at the Sagehens double header in early October, and finished up the month by achieving their last pass and title at the Marin test.  They continue to improve and we hope to see them running in Senior tests soon.  Congratulations to a great team!!

“Trigger & Pat – JH Title”

Aqueus Marksman at Sea Ranch JH, BRT, WC – “Trigger” – o/h – Patricia Romeiro – Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever Male

This hard working team continued their successful Summer testing into the Fall and received 2 passes at the Sagehens double header test in early October to finish their Junior Hunter title!!   Pat’s dedication to training is proof that hard work pays off.  Congratulations to a hard working team!!

“Luke & Brook – JH Title”

Tinamou’s Cool Hand Luke JH, WC – “Luke” – 0/h Brook Francisco – Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever Male

Congratulations to Brook and Luke on earning 3 Junior passes and completing their Junior Hunter title in October!!  Brook and Luke started the month by getting 2 Junior legs at the Sagehens double header, then finished the month by completing their JH at the Marin test.  They continue to improve as a team and will only get better.  We can’t wait to see them running in Senior tests!


“Shanti & Sue – 1st Master Leg”

Delta Gold Wraiths Perpetual Motion UD, UDX 10 (10 consecutive legs), SH, WCX – “Shanti” – o/h – Sue Stauffer – Golden Retriever Female.

“Shanti” is a multi-talented Golden Girl!! Doing extremely well in competitve obedience and playing in the field too. Sue and Shanti ran their first Master test in October and came home with a ribbon!  This great team was also busy in  the obedience ring and are just points away from achieving their Champion title in that venue!

“Reegan & Bruce – 3 JH Legs”

Magicgold Ruff ‘ N Ready to Go WC – “Reegan” – o/h – Bruce Hayes – Golden Retriever Female

From Acorns, Mighty Oaks do grow. Pictured as a puppy Reegan gets her bird. She has nearly always got her bird!! Reegan and Bruce had their hunt test debut in October with much success!  They started out the month at the Sagehens double header and came away with 2 ribbons.  Then they finished out the month at the Marin test and took home another ribbon.   Too bad there weren’t any more tests to run and they have to wait for the Spring tests to finish their title.  Congratulations to you both! Keltie (Momma Dog) and Cheryl are very proud of you both.

“Ryman & Ardith – 2 SH Legs”

Fern Hill Sunrise at the Ryman JH WCX— “Ryman”  — O/H Ardith Osborn — Golden Retriever Male

Ardith and Ryman started their Senior Hunter career with the same power and style they had when they completed their Junior Hunter title!  This great team entered the Sagehens Retriever Club’s double header in October and took home a ribbon both days!!  Congratulations to this hard working team!  I know we’ll be reporting on their Senior Title soon.

“Lucy & Paddy – 1 SH Leg”

Lidos I Love Lucy JH, RN, WCX –“Lucy”  — O/H Paddy Berne — Standard Poodle Female

Lucy and Paddy have been working hard on their teamwork and it has paid off for them.   In October, Paddy and Lucy got their first Senior Hunter pass at the Sagehens Retriever Club test!!  As this team continues to train hard and improve, we’ll be hearing about more of their successes!  Congratulations to you both!!


“Teak & Kathy – 2 SH Legs”

Aqueus Dutch Wood Polish JH – “Teak” – o/h Kathy Gibson – Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever Female

Don’t let her small size  fool you…this little dog runs like the big dogs!  Kathy and Teak entered the Sagehens Retriever Club double header in October and powered through both days to earn 2 Senior passes!!  Kathy has been putting a lot of time into training with Teak and it shows.  Congratulations to this great working team!”

“Sammy & Harvey – 1 JH Leg”

Bertschire Return To Sender – “Sammy” – o/h Harvey Riggs – Flat-Coated Retriever Female

“Kodiak & Xan – 2 JH Legs”

Flyway Farms Thunder on the Mountain – “Kodiak” – o/h Gail Crawford & Xan Latta – Flat-Coated Retriever Male

MACH 2 Rivercity’s High Caliber SH, WC – o/h – Tracey Mayes – Golden Retriever Male

Breaking News!!!!! “Cal” and Tracey completed their Senior Hunter Title in Glide Oregon, 6/18/2011. Wow!! What an exciting moment for Tracey. Her first dog to train and title in Senior. Tracey and Cal have had their struggles transitioning in to the more advanced concepts and training. Tracey dedicated herself to working through what was necessary to make her and Cal a great handler and dog team in this sport. Already highly succesful in the Agiity World as a team  this accomplishment is more than just a Title. It proves just how much can be, when we work hard and apply ourselves. Cal and Tracey have come a long way!  I am very proud of them both!   

SR. Magicgold’s Celtic Causeway **, MH, WCX – “Keltie” – o/h – Cheryl Baca – All Breed Qualifying 3RD Place- San Jose Retriever Club – 5/7/11

   A wonderful day for Keltie and I. With 22 dogs entered we were thrilled to bits at Keltie’s placement. One whistled her 300 plus yard land blind, and was very honest on the water triple with the long retired gun. Initially I hoped for a JAM and was very disappointed when she did not get called up for one. But, we will take a 3rd Place over a JAM any day!!   

Magicgold’s Galloping Gabby ** MH, MNQ, WCX -“Gabby” – o/h- Cheryl Baca- Qualifying  JAM in San Jose Retriever Club’s All Breed Qual – 5/7/11

  Gabby completed the All Breed Qual and earned a JAM. She was somewhat “Over The Top” that day and as a result was not as focused as I would have liked. However, we are grateful she was able to earn another JAM and we had Fun!!

“Boy Wonder & Xan — All-Breed Derby JAM!”

Flyway Farms Boom Boom Pow JH WC ** — “Boy Wonder” — Black Flat-coated Retriever Male – O/H Xan Latta

What a team!  Not only did this youngster earn a Judges Award of Merit at the American Chesapeake Club’s All-Breed Field Trial Derby, he actually broke the club’s computerized results reporting system.  Boy Wonder is the son of the 2011 BIS at Crufts, and has shown that he’s got brains as well as looks.

Xan’s comments about Boy included “He always had a love of the game, but is developing the focus & patience to apply it more consistently.  It was very cool to stand among a group of pro-trained, field bred lab handlers to pick up a ribbon.”


“Echo & Cathy – New JH, New WC, New CH!”

CH Coastalight Rip Times Two JH WC CGC — “Echo” — Black Flatcoat Female — O/H Cathy Lynch

Echo and Cathy are having quite a spring!  They needed three Junior Hunter legs to complete Echo’s Junior Hunter title and they earned them in a single month, with two passes at the Nor-Cal Golden Retriever Hunt Test in March and one at the Lassen Retriever Club Hunt Test.  They also earned a Working Certificate at the NorCal GRC WC/WCX test in June.

Cathy remarked that “Running & retrieving are the things that Echo loves the most.  I am grateful there is a game made just for her!  On now to Senior!”

To make her spring even more memorable, Echo also completed her conformation championship.  She now has titles in front of and behind her registered name.  We expect to see many more in short order.

“Nalu & Debbie – New SH Title!”

Blue Wave Ryder Catchn A Breez SH NA NF — “Nalu” — Chocolate Labrador Female — O/H Debbie Chun

In February, Nalu and Debbie took a road trip to Arlington, Arizona.  They came back with two rosettes and a new Senior Hunter title.

The Copper State HRC’s spring hunt tests are a four-day event, featuring double-headers for Junior, Senior and Master.  Sounds like a great time!  Congratulations! Now on to Master with this Super Powered Lab and Owner Handler!


“Lance & Brenda – New JH!”

Manor’s Lancelot CD JH RAE CCA – “Lance” – Golden Retriever Male – O/H Brenda Radcliffe

Brenda is so proud of Lance that she would write a book.  We are too.  Lance earned his Junior Hunter title three days before his seventh birthday.  From Brenda’s comments – “Lance had no idea how the next few months were going to change his lifestyle when I decided almost a year ago I’d like to have a golden run hunt tests again.  Lance had never learned to swim, had never retrieved a bird and was overwhelmed with the whole idea.  Thanks to Cheryl’s patience, he became a confident, good marking dog.”  Lance’s JH legs were at Sagehen’s RC, Marin Retriever Club and the NorCal Golden Retriever Club’s hunt tests.  Brenda wants to thank her training buddies Renee & Patti, as well as Cheryl for their assistance & encouragement.

“Ryder & Patti – New JH and WC!”

Ryder Dodger Gold CD JH WC RA CGC – “Ryder” – Golden Retriever Male – O/H Patti Kostakis

Ryder made his “novice” handler Mom very proud by getting his Junior Hunter title in less that a year after he “sniffed” his very first bird.  He started earning legs at the Sagehens (two legs) & Marin RC tests in the fall, and finished his title, at the NorCal GRC test in March.  He also earned an “insurance leg” at that double-header.  Ryder’s titling leg was his best ever, pinning all four marks. Ryder then went on to earn his WC Title at the NorCal GRC test in June, 2011.  During that time, Ryder proved that he can do it all by earning his CD and RA titles.   Like Patti, we’re very proud of what this boy (and what this team) have accomplished!

“Ryman & Ardith – New JH, New WCX!”

Fern Hill Sunrise at the Ryman JH WCX— “Ryman” — Golden Retriever Male — O/H Ardith Osborn

At nine months of age, Ryman earned his WC title at the NorCal GRC’s 2010 WC/X test.  He also earned three JH legs last fall.  He had to wait for the spring hunt test season to earn his final JH leg, and earn his Junior Hunter title, but despite the heavy downpour, he did it in style, and pinned all of the marks.  He also earned his WCX at the NorCal GRC’s 2011 test.  This boy has great style, and we look forward to watching this team run senior very soon.

“Indee & Bruce – New SH and WCX!”

Wright’s Mindy’s Independent Girl SH, WCX – “Indee” – Golden Retriever Female – O/H Bruce Hayes

This team’s hard work and persistence have really paid off!  After completing their Junior Hunter title last spring, Bruce & Indee earned their Senior Hunter title in 4 for 4.  Indee also completed her WCX at the NorCal GRC test in June and made her Dad very proud!! Indee is a stylish girl with a lot of go, and we look forward to watching them work towards Master.

“Lucy & Paddy – New WCX Title!”

Lidos I Love Lucy JH WCX –“Lucy” — Standard Poodle Female — O/H Paddy Berne

Lucy and Paddy have shown the retriever community that working poodles aren’t just pretty faces.  Lucy has impressed judges with exceptional marking ability and her happy attitude.

This June Lucy & Paddy earned a Working Certificate Excellent title at the NorCal Golden Retriever Club’s WC/X test.

We’re sure to see Lucy and Paddy at some senior hunter tests soon.

“Storm & Cathy – New WC Title!”

Shannara’s Rav’n Tsunami JH WC Can WC – “Storm” – Black Flatcoat Male – O/H Cathy Lynch

Cathy had a very busy & productive test day at the NorCal Golden Retriever Club’s WC/X test.  In addition to earning Echo’s Working Certificate, she and her handsome lad Storm picked up their WC title, to accompany the one he earned in Canada last year.

Congratulations to this exciting team.  They’re fun to watch and work with, and have come very far.

“Reed & Jake – New JH Title!”

Magicgold’s Indian Summer JH, WC- “Reed” – Golden Retriever Male – O/H Jake Leggett

Reed and Jake continue where they left off last year. They earned their first Junior Hunter leg at the Marin Retriever Club, November 20, 2010. In March of 2011 they earned two more legs at the NorCal Retriever Club, and finished their Junior Hunter title at the Lassen Retriever Club April 9, 2011. In addition, they dropped in to the NorCal GRC WC/WCX test and picked up their WC Title!!

Reed continues to show the desire and drive to be a successful hunting dog. Now the hard work and more fun as they work toward senior hunter.

“Gustav & David – WCX Title!”

Ardenwood Gustav As A Wayfarer SH WCX — “Gustav” — Black Flatcoat Male — O/H: David Kunkle

“Anton & David – WCX Title!”

CH Flyway Farms Te Deum SH WCX— “Anton” — Black Flatcoat Male — O/H: David Kunkle

 David found a great way to spend a rainy Sunday afternoon.  He and his two dogs picked up a set of WCX rosettes and titles.  In a relatively short time, David and his two flatcoats have become impressive field competitors.

Gustav & Anton have different styles in the field, but both are exciting to watch, and both can handle challenging tests.  Their training and dedication resulted in two WCX’s to add to their names.  Congratulations, guys!


Legs toward titles and other achievements:

“Crash & Renee – Two extra JH legs!”

Reimur’s Juz Crashin’ Thru JH CD RA CGC — “Crash” — Black Labrador Male — O/H: Renee StDenis

This team LOVES the hunt test game.  Although Crash & Renee had earned their Junior Hunter Title last year, they just couldn’t not play the game!  So this spring, they entered two tests – the Hills Ferry Hunting Retriever Club JH test and the NorCal GoldenRetriever Club test.  They came away with two more legs, giving them six JH passes in total.

Congratulations, Crash & Renee!  You make quite a team!

“Cal & Tracey – Three SH legs!”

MACH2 Rivercity’s High Caliber JH WC — “Cal” — Golden Retriever Male — O/H Tracey Mays

Not only is this team nationally ranked in agility (MACH2 stands for Master Agility Champion Times TWO!), but they are well on their way to a Senior Hunter title.  This spring, Cal earned three legs toward that SH title.  Two at the NorCal Golden Retriever double-header in March, and a third at the Rogue Valley RC test in April.  We’re looking forward to bragging about Cal’s fourth leg and title soon!

“Luke & Brooke – First JH leg and WC Title!”

Tinamou’s Cool Hand Luke WC – “Luke” – Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever Male – O/H Brook Francisco

Congratulations to Brook and Luke for their first Junior Hunter leg, earned at their first ever JH test!  It takes a lot of courage to enter that first test, especially if your dog is one of those “other” retriever breeds.   But Luke showed everyone that he can do the job, and do it well!  This team has been working hard, and it shows.   We look forward to bragging about Luke JH soon! Luke also completed his WC Title at the NorCal GRC test in June!!! Way to Go!

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