February – Kudos

Congratulations to the following Dogs and Handlers!

Blue Ribbon Adventure Shuttle JH – Owner/Handler – Diane Glassmeyer

At less than a year old “Shuttle” completed her Junior Hunter title at the Monterey Bay Hunt test held at Los Banos.Also picked up 2 NAHRA Started legs at the recent Central Coast Test! I am so proud of both “Shuttle” and Diane for all the hard work they have put in together to attain their JH. When Diane and Shuttle first came to me Diane announced all she needed to do was get a field title to satisfy her agreement with Breeder. After watching “Shuttle” develop her skills it was hard to picture her stopping at a JH. As time moved on, Diane and “Shuttle” have become an awesome team to watch. “Shuttle” is a fast, stylish dog on land and water, terrific marker and very birdy. Exceptionally talented! I look forward to seeing them both reach for the Stars in field as this team has amazing Potential! Good Job!

CH. Applegarth’s King Henry – Owner/Handler – Don Linville

Charming and Sweet, “Henry” earned his 2nd Junior Hunter leg at the Monterey Bay Hunt Test. Don and “Henry” have so far accomplished 2 NAHRA Started legs and 2 JH legs. Well on their way to titles. It has been a thrill to watch Don and “Henry” learn how to work together as a team .For anyone who has not seen them in action, “Henry” is a phenomenal Marker, birdy and despite challenging his Dad form time to time (as most dogs will) they put out quite a performance at tests! Congratualtions to you both!

Zip, the Brown dog that flies! (Sorry I can’t find his kennel name on anything I have) – Owner/Handler – Joe Skorupa

“Zip” completed his first Junior Hunter leg on his first try, at the Monterey Bay Hunt Test held in Los Banos. I can only tell you not to blink if you watch this dog run. For you will not see him. He is undeniably the fasted flatcoat I have ever seen . His marking, style and birdiness have all the signs of being a phenoma among the West Coast Flatcoats. Good Job to Patti (for all the forcing and training you have done) and Joe for following through and transitioning with “Zip” as his Handler.

Magicgold’s Wheels Of Fire SH,CGC,WCX – Owner/Handler- Cheryl Baca

“Blaze” earned her first Master Hunter leg at the Monterey Bay Hunt Test. This was our first try. I was very nicely suprised by “Blaze’s” ability to work as a team with me, and meet up to the standard of Master Hunter. She is like “Henry”, turns ON at tests, sometimes not in training for bumpers. Blaze sez she works for BIRDS. Yippee!!

Coarsegold’s Flaming Red Zinger MH, CD, WCX – Owner/Handler- Jean Mott

“Zinger” and Jean earned another MH leg at the Monterey Bay Hunt Test. After a year off from tests due to family illness THE TEAM IS BACK! Congratulations Jean and Zinger. Welcome Back to Hunt Tests. What a Great way to get back in…

Magicgold’s Galloping Gabby JH, WC – Owner/Handler – Cheryl Baca

“Gabby” and I went to our first Derby last Weekend. Sacramento Valley Retriever Club held their Field Trial at Grizzly Island. Terrain was very tough and the wind blew hard. I could barely see “Gabby” as she got out to retrieve her marks.I was in awe of her courage and drive as she ran with all her body and heart in each retrieve. I hadn’t expected her to get past the first series.However, she hung tough and out of 15 dogs she was one of 8 to get through all 4 series. The Judges were very kind and we were awarded a JAM (Judges Award of Merit). I have to say I have never seen such tough and long marks as these. The rumour is, the Qualifying stake actually had easier marks than the Derby. The dog work was breath taking! I knew there was a reason for “Gabby’s” return to me at 8 months. I’m so glad I kept her.She is so very happy here doing her work in the field. She is a handful of a dog I must say. But, she is so worth it!

DD’s Here to Stay JH,WCX, (Rally and Agility titles too), Owner/Handler – Chris Hempel

“Keeper” earned his first Senior Hunter leg at the Monterey Bay Hunt test. This hard running red dog nailed his land double and lined his land blind in the first series. He did an equally stunning performance in the afternoon on the water. I am so terribly proud of Chris and “Keeper” for trusting me to help them accomplish their goals in field. Thank you Chris for working all the drills I recommended at night in the parking lot after you got off work! See dedication,drills and a talented dog all pay off folks! They are an awesome team to watch. Look for him Senior at Hills Ferry! Three to Go!!!! Then on to Master ????

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